Meeting Minutes – January 10, 2019

Meeting Attracts Talented & Successful Crowd!

Read how these amazing, talented and action oriented individuals share success stories, personal challenges and goals for their businesses.

Our new meetup group - Digital Marketing for Local Business was attended by over a dozen entrepreneurs.  This is just the second meeting for the group - and it could not have been a better way to start the new year!

Read below for a summary and notes for the meeting.


Read the Agenda section below for the meeting cadence and agenda.  This agenda will become the routine cadence for the meeting.


If you have ever attended a Toastmasters meeting, you'll see a resemblance in the intent:

First:  The meetings have a structure.  This enables us to maximize our time to get the most out of these meetings.  It also helps us to avoid 'filler' activities that take time away from us.

Second:  The meetings can be lead by anyone in the group.  It's not realistic that the group organizer will be able to attend every meeting.  By utilizing a structure that works, we're able to build on consistent actions that produce results for all of us!

Third:  We celebrate wins and overcome obstacles!  We celebrate together and help each other break through the things that are slowing us down.  

And most important... We set goals and challenge ourselves to become accountable!  If you are struggling with something, chances are that there is someone in the group that has worked through the same challenge.  We'll challenge you to take the steps to break through the barriers that are holding you back. 

Individual Challenges and Obstacles

 One of the most impactful events of the meeting occurred when members shared their personal challenges with the group.  It was an eye opening moment to hear how outwardly successful business owners struggle with internal challenges.  The takeaway here is that we're all human and we all have challenges- despite external appearances of success.  The fact that some of the members felt confident enough to share these very personal thoughts with the group is extremely appreciated.  Thank you!!!

Here's a summarized list of the challenges that were discussed:

  • Prospecting and new client acquisition - procrastination, lack of prioritization and ineffective methods are barriers to spending more time on this very important activity.
  • Creating videos to share with audience
  • Professional and seasoned photographer working to transitioning from 'still' photography to video creation/editing skill set.  
  • Creating a 'How to Info Product' for Real Estate topic
  • Creating and building a blog (again) but facing tech issues
  • Finishing and follow through - creating content for website but not getting content on website.
  • Getting new clients - traditionally has not done much marketing and needs start doing more.
  • Spread out workload and find partners to work with
  • Taking action to productize information collected from dozens of meetings with other successful business owners.
  • Promoting on social media for a new product line.
  • Follow through - wants to do videos covering success stories and recent accomplishments for real estate clients
  • Branding and name recognition  for a new business

Goals for Next Week

Time did not permit us to declare goals for next week... 

BUT - Everyone who shared an obstacle received feedback and suggestions for overcoming and breaking through!

Create Your Own Challenge for This Week!  

Write it down and make sure the challenge is: specific, realistic, and achievable.

When you attend next week's meeting you'll be ready to share YOUR SUCCESS STORY with the group.  

We cannot wait to hear 🙂

Meeting  Agenda


  1. Introductions 1-2 minutes each

    1. Let us know your goals, aspirations and how you may be able to help others in this group

    2. Wins!  Share something positive that you achieved in the last 1-2 weeks that is related to your business.  (‘I posted 5 blog articles’, or ‘hit my prospecting goal’, or ‘had a great $$ day’

  1. Challenges & Opportunities - 1-2 minutes each

    1. share a challenge you are stumped by or an opportunity you haven't figured out how to maximize.

  1. Group feedback to challenges ~3-5 minutes per person

    1. After each person shares their challenge, the group should take a few minutes to share ideas, experiences and suggestions

      based on experience to help each other overcome challenges
  1. Pick a goal for next week

    1. Each person shares 1 goal they are committed to achieving for next week.

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